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Yoga is the Path to Spiritual Awakening..... Is this your journey?

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Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training France
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La Pause Yoga cultivates Shakti energy as transformation, play, and expression. It works through creativity, bliss, and ecstasy extending into all forms of art and culture. It is primarily a Yoga of awakening the Shakti within us and letting the flow of Shakti guide us on our path.

We offer Healing and Creative Women's Retreats, to re-connect to our natural ability to heal and to live in creative abundance. We deeply honour our innate authentic true nature, which is one of creativity and community.


Commit to your Practice - Commit to your Health

Education needs inspiration, not just information. Only inspired human beings can transform their own lives and the lives around them:


La Pause Yoga: Women's Healing Retreats

Our Sacred Women's Healing Retreats are designed to help women learn the tools to take back control of their Mind, Body and Spirit and journey back to their true being and full holistic health.

During the retreat, you will spend a lot of time in guided self-reflection, journaling, walking in nature, meditation,  and the practice of gentle healing yoga, which is designed to bring you closer to the deep connection between your mind, body, and creative spirit. This is not a yoga of force and push, but the chance to re-connect with the Life Energy that has become depleted through modern living and self-sabotaging behavioral traits and paths.

We will be concentrating on bringing your body back into harmony and balance, with the use of holistic healing. This includes learning to calm the nervous system with yogic breathing, creating a way to meditate that suits your needs, and moving the body is a nourishing and gentle way to re-gain its natural movement.

We will learn to free our creative voice and journal deeply, having those honest conversations with ourselves, that leads to personal growth.

We will re-connect with the healing power of Nature and eat delicious plant-based food, that keep-starts on a cellular level our bodies our natural ability to heal. We will also experience enrichment-educational workshops and you will be able to be completely open in this space of supportive sisterhood. You will be invited to lean on these holistic wellness tools to support your healing and internal process.

This is more than a relax and re-charge, it is a retreat designed to empower you on your own healing journey. Giving you tools to calm the nervous system that keeps us stuck in stress, pain and fatigue.  But it also a calling for those who want to make deep personal changes and show up in the world in a truer more authentic way that honors Mother Earth.

Break Free and Create 6-week E-Course

Break Through Your Creative Blocks

Re-ignite Your Innate Creativity

Learn Why You Self Sabotage Your Innate Creativity

Live a Yogic Creative Life

An exciting Break Free and Create, six week interactive online course with artist Tandy Pengelly, is designed to break through the creative blocks and release your authentic artistic inner voice. We will discover the reasons behind why we feel that we cannot create and why we self sabotage with false beliefs about our ability to create which suppress our natural desire to create.

Looking at the connection of creativity and spirituality, whilst also honouring the concept of finding meaning behind what we make and create. Here we will also look at the difference between emotional and creative blocks and learn coping strategies for when they show up.

We will also develop an action plan to work with the anxiety behind the creative process and how we can move past our resistances, and show up with authenticity.

This course is designed to help you move from a fixed mindset around creativity to a growth mindset, and free your innate creativity, to create with authenticity and innate joy.

Embrace the Energy of the Mountains: Yoga and Hiking Retreats

I am never happier than when I am practising yoga barefoot on the top of a mountain, after a hike - out in Nature, connecting, breathing and being completely present. This is why I have created these amazing Yoga and Hiking Retreats, in France, Spain and Portugal. Supporting other women in an nourishing and supportive natural environment. 

We come together to deepen our connection to ourselves and our connection to Nature and the divine energy of Mother Earth. 

I keep the groups small, so we can really create an intimate and supportive environment.

These retreats are a perfect way to connect with like minded women.

Chronic Pain

Breaking the Attention of Pain , my latest published book, offers you the new fascinating scientific research showing how the power of our mind and feelings  can affect our health and well-being. Helping you take a proactive role in your own recovery, when the medical professional has limited or no answers.  After battling with chronic pain myself for many years, and finding the healing power of yoga, I researched the science behind what had kept me locked into a debilitating cycle of chronic pain. I hope this book offers you some insight and answers to help you or those you love, break free from this cycle.

Available now on Amazon.

Or you can buy it directly from me by sending me an email.

Breaking the Attention of Pain is also one of the required reading course books on our Healing Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Breaking the Attention of Pain by Tandy Pengelly

My latest book..... 'Breaking the Attention of Pain'

How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health?

How do we take control of our own healing journey?

How do we break the cycle of chronic pain?

Breaking the Attention of Pain, offers you the new scientific research showing the power of our minds and feelings, and how they affect our health and well-being.These stunning new scientific discoveries show us that all the cells in our bodies are affected by our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. They actually regulate our genetic expression showing us that we are not victims of our genes, but that we all have an innate ability to heal.

This book is also one of the required reading books on our One to One Mentoring Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in France.

Yoga gives us the opportunity to re-connect with these deepest layers of who we are. To practice Yoga in the deepest sense is to commit to developing awareness by observing our lives, our thoughts, our words and our actions.

Yoga practiced at this deeper level offers us happiness, compassion and health. Join me on our One to One Mentoring Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in France, and let me help and guide you to dive deeper into the true practice of Yoga.

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