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100hrs Certified Online Healing Yoga Teacher Training: Heal Trauma Heal Chronic Pain.

Daily stress is having a huge impact on our body, mind and soul. It is estimated that 70 percent of our lives are spent in a heightened stress state. Creating hard wiring in the brain that results in long term chronic health problems. Though we long to be at ease, happy and enjoy every moment of life, we tend to keep going,  because we don’t know how else to keep up with the lifestyle that we have created for ourselves.

This Certified Interactive Online Healing Teacher Training  is designed to create space for you to start to become aware of this false and stressful reality that we have created and learn how to return to our natural divine state of being, to in turn bring this knowledge to your students to help them to rejuvenate their bodies, clear the mind, open up the heart and allow energetic healing to take place.

This certified interactive online healing yoga teacher training allows you to work from the comfort of your own home and enables you first to make the changes in your life by focusing deeper into how the spiritual teachings of yoga, offer us the opportunity to connect completely with our true Nature. Finding that Universal Light within us, and connecting on all levels, physically, emotionally and energetically.

This training is designed to be as comprehensive as a face to face training. You will have weekly marked assignments, interactive Facebook, one-to-one coaching call for each student and practice videos, and required reading. The final practice assessments must be filmed and sent to be assessed and full feedback is given.

You will then learn how to offer these teachings to your students in a class setting:

This Online Healing Yoga Teacher Training is offered as a 100-hour training for students that already have completed a basic Yoga Teacher Training, or can show that they have a fully consistent established yoga practice.

This Online Healing Yoga Teacher Training will cover the following;

  • In depth anatomy and physiology to help you fully understand how our body works on a physical level, to maintain and expand flexibility and mobility, and rejuvenate the body.
  • One to one personal feedback on all marked assignments.
  • Understanding the effects of trauma on the body
  • Practice mindfulness in daily life, create peace in our mind, by following the Sacred Teachings of Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras
  • Learn that the body heals also on an energetic level, looking at the Daoist wisdom of the meridian chi flow in our bodies, harmonise body, mind and soul
  • Learn about the masculine and feminine energy balance, and how to recognise distortions.
  • Bring gentle flowing asanas into our healing routine to free the body from stagnant energy build up.
  • Fully immerse yourself in the vital role of meditation to break self sabotaging sub conscious beliefs that have kept you stuck from achieving happiness and abundance in your life.
  • Fully understand the role of prana or chi in our healing journey.
  • Learn how to theme and sequence a class to create a blissful healing experience.
  • Empower students to take control of their individual healing journeys.
  • How to confidently and professionally work with people in chronic pain.
  • Learn about the healing benefits of Yoga Nidra
  • Understand the relationship between trauma and spirituality
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Our aim is to put you firmly and confidently on the path to acquire the knowledge, and personal and practical experience to earn your Online Healing Yoga Teacher Training certificate and share this wisdom with others.

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Start Date:

This training has an open enrolment and runs throughout the year so that you can join at any time.

I like to keep the group small so I can give more individual time for mentoring and feedback, so places are limited - reserve your place today.

If you feel that this training is for you, then book a free discovery call so we can chat further, and enable you to ask any questions before you commit to booking. 


It is expected that you have already completed basic yoga teacher training, or that you can show evidence of an already established committed yoga practice. And to be able to show your commitment to your personal healing journey, before you embark on teaching other people. This is not a course for beginners, or students that are interested solely in teaching asana based classes.

Price: 1240 euros

This price does not include the required reading books that support this training

A monthly payment plan is available at 325 euros over 4 months. Enroll Today