Each day journeying towards living an awakened and joyful life

Yoga is not just a physical practice…..it offers the pathway to health, happiness, and compassion. Yoga is about awakening to higher intelligence and finding your way back to your true essence. It allows us to shed the restriction of the ego and to let go of deep-rooted habits and behaviours that leave us stuck in repetitive destructive thought patterns and behaviour.  And it starts with one simple decision.

When we drop beneath our thinking mind into a direct experience of our body, we find ourselves in a field of direct experience, awakened intuition, and unconditional awareness.

Are you ready to take that step for your health and your happiness?

This is the decision I made, and continue to make each day as I embody living a conscious, spiritual, creative and compassionate life. Whether it is through my actions, words, or thoughts, each day I aim to journey towards living in harmony and union with the Universal Energy that connects us all together.

What keeps life fascinating is the constant creativity of the soul.

And I am here to help you when you have made that decision. Whether you decide to dip your big toe in or to take a huge step onto the path of Yoga, Creativity and Spirituality…..I am here to guide you on your journey, either to develop your own practice or your heart centred business.

Tandy Pengelly

Tandy Pengelly Artist

I have the pleasure of living in a beautiful rural part of South West France, where I am surrounded by some stunning scenery, coastlines and landscapes. One of my greatest pleasures is to hike through the landscape, stopping, pausing and connecting with the beauty of Mother Nature.

As a Buddhist, Yoga Teacher, and a Shamanic practitioner, I feel the deep connection between myself and Nature, therefore it would only be natural for me, as an artist to want to bring this beauty to life on canvas, so others can also enjoy and share it with me.

But I believe that we are all innately creative and that creativity is connected to our spirituality. To re-ignite that creativity we must dive deep, and strive to live in harmony with the rhythm of nature to truly achieve the unity of mind body and spirit, because the unity is universal and the rhythm of our creativity is dependent on the beauty that is reflected back to us from Nature.


A Yogic Lifestyle

Yoga practices such as somatic meditation enable us to fully understand that we are more than our minds, more than our thoughts.  At this very moment, we have within us a fundamental state of being that is empty, open, and free. And yet, at present we cannot see it because it is covered over by all kinds of habitual tendencies and obscurations. Through the practice of somatic meditation, we are gradually able to let go of these — burning away the extraneous and leaving exposed the brilliant, awakened state, which is what we really are.

Opened by this process, we are able to engage our lives with tremendous clarity and warmth, so that we see and appreciate this sacred world and are able to love others in a way that is truly selfless. The process of somatic meditation initially gives us back our lives and our deepest selves, and ultimately opens our hearts to the entire universe.

Additional tools such as a clean compassionate healthy diet, sound therapy, creativity, social interaction, time spent outdoors and healing therapies such as massage, are all valuable parts of committing to a healthier Yogic Lifestyle….one that allows you to reduce stress, reduce inflammation and pain and develop a more fulfilling positive connected life.

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Learn more about what led me to embracing yoga into my life, and striving everyday to work and live with compassion.