Scientific evidence states that alcohol increases our risk of breast cancer!

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Nobody wants to hear this, and this is going to be a very unpopular blog post….but many scientific studies show that…Alcohol consumption increases our risk of breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer type in the WHO European Region, with 1579 women diagnosed every day. Alcohol consumption is one of the major modifiable risk factors for the disease, causing 7 of every 100 new breast cancer cases in the Region. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, WHO encourages everyone to understand that the risk of breast cancer can be significantly reduced by simply reducing alcohol consumption.

Alcohol: the cause of nearly 40 000 new breast cancer cases

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The WHO European Region has the highest rate of new breast cancer diagnoses compared to any of the other WHO regions. According to estimates from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), in 2020 alcohol consumption was responsible for almost 40 000 new breast cancer cases in the Region.

The same data show that breast cancer has become the most common cancer globally. More than 2 million new cases were estimated in 2020, and about 100 000 of these were attributable to alcohol consumption.

“Many people, including women, are not aware that breast cancer is the most common cancer caused by alcohol among women globally. People need to know that by reducing alcohol consumption they can reduce their risk of getting cancer. It doesn’t matter what type, quality or price alcohol is,” says Dr Marilys Corbex, Senior Technical Officer for Noncommunicable Diseases at WHO/Europe.

How to prevent alcohol-related breast cancer risks

Alcohol is classified as a Group 1 human carcinogen by IARC. It is causally linked to 7 types of cancer. Besides female breast cancer, it increases the risk of developing oral cavity (mouth), pharynx (throat), oesophagus (gullet), liver, larynx (voice box) and colorectum (large intestine and rectum) cancers.

There is no safe level of alcohol consumption.

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The risk of breast cancer increases with each unit of alcohol consumed per day. More than 10% of alcohol-attributable cancer cases in the Region arise from drinking just 1 bottle of beer (500 ml) or 2 small glasses of wine (100 ml each) every day. For breast cancer, this is even higher: 1 in 4 alcohol-attributable breast cancer cases in the Region is caused by this amount.

“Simply put, alcohol is toxic. It harms every organ while it passes through the body,” says Dr Carina Ferreira-Borges, Acting Director for Noncommunicable Diseases and Programme Manager for Alcohol and Illicit Drugs at WHO/Europe. “So, it makes perfect sense to limit the amount of consumed alcohol, to find ways to replace alcohol with other beverages and to adopt nationwide policies that help to reduce alcohol consumption.”

Contemporary culture frames drinkers as a binary.

There are “normal, healthy” drinkers. These drinkers are in the majority. They can handle their booze. They enjoy champagne at weddings, beers at the beach, and wine with dinner. Then there are the problem drinkers – alcoholics, who are only ever one sip of alcohol away from a disastrous multi-day bender. Underpinning this binary is the assumption – and let’s be completely clear, this is an assumption that big alcohol conglomerates like Anheuser-Busch don’t want you to question – that moderate alcohol consumption doesn’t negatively impact your health or your life. In other words, if you’re not an alcoholic, you don’t have a problem with alcohol.

But that is simply wrong. Any amount of alcohol is bad for you.

To begin with: alcohol is poison. The principal ingredient of alcoholic beverages is ethanol. Do you know what other substances list ethanol as a key ingredient? Paint solvents. Deodorants. Engine fuel.

Moderation can’t protect you from alcohol’s poisonous effects. Even one glass of wine can set off a host of negative processes in your body.

Here’s a taster. One glass of wine will:

  • disrupt your sleep;
  • stoke your anxiety;
  • impair your liver’s ability to flush toxins from your body;
  • contribute to weight gain or impair weight loss;
  • cause facial redness;
  • compromise the centres of your brain devoted to memory, motor function, inhibition, and emotional volatility;
  • disrupt your endocrine system and deregulate your hormones;
  • and kill healthy gut bacteria and create conditions for bad bacteria to flourish.

And there are a whole host of negative side-effects specific to women. Women drinkers who are under 18 are eight times more likely to experience a sexual assault than their peers; women who do experience sexual assault are 50 percent more likely to binge drink. Drinking lowers defenses, standards, and the ability to make good decisions – all vital capabilities that women sadly need to keep themselves safe.

There’s no such thing as a healthy drinker. Alcohol, even in moderation, is wreaking havoc on your body and brain. And women, in particular, are vulnerable to the damaging effects of alcohol. All of this is true, whether you’re a full-blown alcoholic or someone who enjoys an occasional drink with friends.

What does alcohol do to our spirits?

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The majority of people understand that alcohol is damaging to the body; but do they know how it affects them spiritually and energetically?

More and more people are becoming aware of their own energy, “vibe”, intuition, spirits, souls, higher-selves etc.

So, what happens to your energy and spirit when you drink alcohol?

Why do we drink alcohol, anyway?

Well, first of all, it’s kind of just there. It’s a social lubricant, It helps us relax, relate, and enjoy. We like its consciousness alternating effects to help us “escape”, “distract” and “let go”.

It releases inhibitions and aspects of ourselves that we usually keep tucked away. So much is socially forgiven after saying that line, “I was drunk”.

And… why is it there? Well, first off, because it’s ridiculously profitable.

And also because:

  1. It’s a state changer and state changers have been high in demand and notably profitable throughout history.
  2. It’s deeply tied to our social acceptance channel, which is closely tied to our survival channel.
  3. Society and marketing portray it in a positive and glamorous light.
  4. We’re bored and it gives us something to do.
  5. And… because sometimes it tastes really good when done well.

What does it do to our bodies?

As mentioned earlier, we have scientific evidence that shows that as little as two small glasses of wine per night can increase our risk of breast cancer. But the health effects also include many other problems.

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Short-term effects of alcohol impair judgement, coordination, and strain and harm the body’s organs, muscles, bones and nerves.

Long-term effects include diminished grey matter and white matter in the brain, memory loss, alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, weight gain, irregular heartbeat, and digestive issues and hindered new brain cell growth.

Alcohol-induced psychiatric syndromes include depression, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and more.

What does alcohol do to our spirits?

If you do any type of spiritual work, chances on you’ve noticed an increased sensitivity to alcohol and stumbled upon some of the following effects.

As you become more sensitive to energy, you can actually feel the way your energy signature shifts or becomes inhibited.

As we evolve spiritually, our tolerance for alcohol takes a sharp turn downward. What used to be 2-4 drinks on a weekend night with a mild hangover can turn into 1 drink and feeling horrible the next day. Or having 2 drinks and getting sick while still “enjoying” my second.

Alcohol & Alchemy

In chemical alchemy, alcohol is known as an extractor or separator of the essence from the object. Alcohol does the same to the human body, extracting the essence, or soul, from the body.

When the vibration of the human body becomes too low and the toxicity too high due to alcohol, the soul exits the body and hovers around it. This correlates to being “blackout drunk” and makes us more vulnerable to spirit attachments and low-frequency vibration intrusion.

Etymologically, the word, “alcohol” is derived from the Arabic word, “al-kuhl” which means, “body eating spirit”.

“Once through a spiritual vision, I could observe a crowded club. I noticed dark and evil entities hovering over the club, keeping an eye over the people enjoying inside.

Slowly as few people got incredibly drunk, I saw their souls depart their bodies, linked through a thread, as the intoxication made them uncomfortable. Evil spirits took overseeing empty vessels resulting in immoral acts. This is what is happening when someone has what we refer to as a ‘blackout.’

Having abilities of clairvoyance, empath, and channeling, I can see spirits since my childhood. Many times I have seen malevolent entities surrounding drunk people.

These people often have a crazed, dark look in their eyes that shows they are not themselves anymore.

-Jason Christoff

So, here’s the “Spiritual Effects of Alcohol” shortlist:

1. Alcohol Lowers your Vibration

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When you start drinking it relaxes you, which makes you feel like your energy is flowing better. In fact, alcohol poisons your body, lowers your frequency and jams up your energy.

“Because here’s what we all know: each time you drink alcohol, your vibration drops.

It can take up to ten days to restore the point of vibration you’re at before you drink.”

– Melanie Beckler

2. Alcohol Creates Holes in Your Aura

Your aura is an energetic field that surrounds your body; kind of like a force field. It keeps other energies at bay, that is, unless you have holes or tears.

You create holes in your aura by disrupting your energies in various ways through negative thinking, traumas, giving up your power, and consuming alcohol or drugs because they destabilize the vibrational system.

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3. Alcohol Interferes with Psychic Abilities

Alcohol has been known to block psychic abilities and create a haze and murkiness in the person who is being “read” by the psychic. The connection is disrupted between the two people and their spirits. It’s recommended to abstain from drinking before doing any psychic work.

4. Alcohol Makes You Susceptible to Low Energies

You may just take on destructive and depressing energies. After drinking, you may notice that, besides your hangover, you’re upset for no reason, irritable, apathetic, depressed, self-destructive or just don’t feel like yourself.

5. Alcohol Throws Your Chakras off Balance

Alcohol disrupts your energetic field and that includes your main seven chakras, creating an energetic imbalance in your body, mind and spirit that will take some time and attention to repair.

Alcohol Disrupts Your Spiritual Progress as a Whole

As you evolve in your spiritual journey and expand your spiritual capacity, you’ll have more conscious awareness of your energy. You’ll feel a shift in the “hum” or “buzz” of your energy even before the hangover sets in. Alcohol lowers your vibration due to its toxic nature.

Not all spiritual beings go to the temple to pray.

YOU are the temple.

Take care of your body temple, for the energy of the entire universe flows through it.

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