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Yoga and Hiking in Spain with La Pause Yoga

Covid Virus Update.

Due to the re-introduction of masks in enclosed areas. I have decided to postpone the start of our Yoga classes for the moment. I will keep everyone updated when this requirement has lifted.

Our Healing Yoga and Hiking Retreat in the Auvergne has been postponed until next year. I will announce more about that in the New Year.

All online and retreat Yoga Teacher Training's are still be running, with more exciting material being added all the time to help you grow as a intuitive yoga teacher.

Hiking in Catalonia with La Pause Yoga

Take time for yourself

Take time to get outside to explore the beautiful countryside

Enjoy the abundance in fresh produce that summer brings

Slow down and breathe.....slowly , fully and with a sense of calm

Build your immune system with an organic plant based diet

Roll out your yoga mat and make your practice a priority

Take time for your self development.....meditate, meditate, meditate.

We are in a period of change and growth....take time to feel this change and decide how you want to show up in the world.

La Pause Yoga Teacher Training France
Hiking in the Pyrenees with La Pause Yoga

Are you a Soul Inspired Women ready to live your highest potential?

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to live and work from a compassionate heart led place? Living as a spiritual being means finding a unity and purpose. Living a yogic life where your thoughts and words are in harmony with your actions. Not living in a constant reactive place, subject to the fluctuations of external activities.

Do you want to teach from the heart?

Do you want to find your life purpose?

Is it your time to make a true difference to this changing Earth?

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Are you ready to live your highest potential? Are you ready to truly wake up to your innate gifts and create a life that honours your life purpose?