Creating a Yoga Home Practice

Creating a Yoga Home Practice: When I first started yoga, I never considered practicing on my own until a teacher introduced the concept one day in class. “If you’re struggling with tight hamstrings, and can’t get near your” she casually mentioned, “you can work on it at home.” Wait. There’s homework in yoga?! Was this…

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Heal with Nature

Allow nature to bring a little more light into your day – Heal with Nature I love this article from fellow yogi Dulma Altan; showing us how we can heal in nature. ‘I used to be the ultimate city girl: I didn’t like to hike or camp; I would shriek and run at the sight…

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Yoga and Creativity

Can Yoga Increase our Creativity?  – A new study shows that exercise, as opposed to sitting can significantly improve our creative thinking and ability. The research, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition , involved 176 participants, mostly college students. Although Scientists aren’t sure exactly why yet , but they hypothesize…

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