Breaking the Attraction of Pain

How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health?
How do we take control of our own healing journey?
How do we break the cycle of chronic pain?

Breaking the Attraction of Pain, offers you the new scientific research showing the power of our minds and feelings, and how they affect our health and well-being.

These stunning new scientific discoveries show us that all the cells in our bodies are affected by our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. They actually regulate our genetic expression showing us that we are not victims of our genes, but that we all have an innate ability to heal.

Breaking the Attraction of Pain is an exploration of the causes and complications of pain, which opens readers who may not have found pain relief through traditional methods up to the idea that pain is not just a physical affliction, but a mental and emotional one too. The book combines holistic approaches to tackling pain that are reinforced by a variety of compelling scientific studies, as well as featuring some of my own poignant personal experience and practical, tangible steps that readers can easily implement to improve their own wellbeing.

Breaking the Attraction of Pain is a self-help book that fully embraces the ‘self’ prefix of the genre, explaining to readers in a scientific way how they can take control of their pain and body’s overall wellbeing with a very positive attitude to the negative subject of pain.

The book is extremely digestible and easy to comprehend, with lots of research which is very thought-provoking, for example Dr Bruce Mosely’s study of placebo arthroscopic surgeries or the revelation that our subconscious is so heavily influenced by our childhood experiences. The exploration is grounded by my use of personal experience, with these examples used well to illustrate research findings, and the guidance.

Paperback Version Available 29 September 2018