Freeing Restrictive Behavioural Patterns

Our true selves exist whether we acknowledge them or not, often buried under learned behavior.
Identity is an elusive concept. We feel we must define ourselves using a relatively small selection of roles and conscious character traits, even if none accurately represents our notion of “self.” The confusion surrounding our true natures is further compounded by the fact that society regularly asks us to suppress so much of our emotional, creative, intellectual, and spiritual vibrancy. Yet we are, in truth, beings of light — pure creative energy inhabiting physical bodies, striving for enlightenment while living earthly lives. Our true selves exist whether we acknowledge them or not, often buried under fears, learned behavior, and false perceptions. When we recognize our creative power, our luminosity, and our divinity, we cannot help but live authentic lives of appreciation, potential, fulfillment, and joy.

At birth and throughout your early childhood, your thoughts and feelings were pure expressions of your true self. Unfortunately, this purity does not last long, and we quickly learned that to speak and act in a certain way would win others’ approval. Whether it was our parents, teachers, or peers. The pressure to conform to their perceptions was overwhelming, and for many created a division in the way that you felt inside, to the way that you expressed yourself externally. We simply learned to please others and to fit into their perception of how we should behave.

Luckily there are many ways you can recapture the authenticity you once articulated so freely. Firstly we need to find our way back to ourselves and reconnect our mind, body and spirit. Which is the foundation of Yoga, using mediation and breathwork to free the authentic voice within.

Meditation can liberate you from the bonds of those earthly customs that compel you to downplay your uniqueness. Also, communing with nature can remind you of the special role you were meant to play in this lifetime. In order to realize your purpose, you must embrace your true self by letting your light shine forth, no matter the consequences.

Rediscovering who you are apart from your roles and traits takes time and also courage. If like many, you have denied your authenticity for a long while, you may find it difficult to separate your true identity from the identity you have created to cope with the world around you. Once you do find this authentic self, however, you will be overcome by a wonderful sense of wholeness as you reconcile your spiritual aspect and your physical aspect, as well as your creative freedom. As you gradually adjust to this developing unity, your authentic voice and spiritual creativity will reveal themselves to you.

To help you with this process I have created an exciting self-paced e-course called ‘Break Free and Create‘. This is a six-week online course and is designed to break through the creative blocks and resistance, whilst reconnecting with the pleasure of your physical body. Together we work to release your authentic artistic inner voice. We will discover the reasons behind why we feel that we cannot create, and how this shows up in our lives in many ways. And we will discover why we self-sabotage with false beliefs about our ability to create which suppress our natural desire to create.

This course is about not just re-awaking your creative voice but also finding the connection between creativity and spirituality, whilst also honoring the concept of finding meaning behind what we make and create. Here we will also look at the difference between emotional and creative blocks and learn coping strategies for when they show up.

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