Ayurveda 'The Science of Life'

Ayurveda is the Vedic system of mind-body medicine and yogic healing since ancient times now going global in the new planetary era. Anyone interested in healing or higher consciousness should explore its wisdom and practical guidance for all aspects of life. It is the basis for natural healing, yogic living and following your dharma.

Ayurvedic Healing is the Yogic Science of Life and covers mind-body constitution, daily health regimens, doshic imbalances, dietary and herbal treatment, sensory therapies and internal practices of Yoga and meditation.

At the Yoga Shatki School and Gourmet Yogini we believe that we must prioritise personal health and the health of our beloved planet Earth. The world is changing and I call on all spiritual women to step into their power. We aim to uplift and nurture feminine-embodiment movement and natures healing science, and the rise of women stepping into their spiritual and creative authority.

When women truly step into their power, they use that power for the greater good. Yoga Shakti School and our sister company Gourmet Yogini honours the Goddess in each and everyone of you creating a creative, spiritually-inclined space for Divine Feminine Flow.



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Walking in nature not only gives us Vitamin D from the sun and helps to refresh us, but it can also change our brain chemistry.

Research from Stanford University found that spending time outdoors can actually lead to changes in brain chemicals, providing mental clarity and peace of mind, and reducing anxiety and stress.

Ayurveda and Yoga enables us to clearly see our presence as part of the whole. Part of the Universal whole.

Many aspects of yoga are about being in the moment and at one with nature and the universe. By breathing like the cycle of tides or the ocean, a sense of harmony, timelessness and connection to the universe is evoked. Yoga is commonly practiced indoors; but when practiced outdoors, it brings union with nature. Breath after breath you feel the inner peace you were missing so long.

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Gourmet Goddess Recipe of the Week

Cooling Aloe Vera and Mint Tonic

The recipe ingredients are enough for making approximately 1/2 litre of Cooling Aloe Vera Tonic

Preparation time : 5 min


  • 10 cm of aloe vera stem
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 300 ml of spring water
  • 1/2 tsp of organic tumeric
  • 5 fresh mint leaves


  1. Peel the aloe vera leaf with a sharp knife. Start by removing the stings, then the rest of the green skin. The green skin is toxic, so take off all the skin. Then remove the gel and rinse it under water.
  2. Place the aloe vera gel in the blender bowl.
  3. Pour the juice of half a lemon over it.
  4. Add fresh mint leaves.
  5. Pour over the spring water and mix.
  6. Serve immediately or pour into a sterilized Glass Mason Jar and save for later.



Aloe vera  the plant that yields aloe vera, products including beverages, skin lotion, cosmetics, or ointments for minor burns and sunburns.
A cup of herbal tea and medicinal herbs to aid your cycles and seasons.
Growing and harvesting in harmony with the nourishing Moons cycles.

Hand Picked with Love: Gourmet Yogini Herbal Teas

Hydrate with Health! 

At Gourmet Yogini we are passionate about hydration. We also love herbal teas that are amazing for your health and in harmony with Nature. Ayurveda is a science of living that encompasses the whole life, and which relates the life of the individual to that of the universe. Plants bring us the love, the nourishing power of the Sun, which is the same energy of all the stars, of all light. They offer us not only their own individual nutritive value, but can also vitalize our nervous system and individual dosha health.

Our Gourmet Yogini Teas are homegrown and handpicked with love. They have no hidden toxins, additives or flavours. Just high quality, home grown ingredients. The freshest flavours and richest ingredients grown and picked in harmony with the healing power of the Moon cycles. Blends for all cycles of the day and seasons, for your individual body type or dosha.

Fierce, Firey and Feminine Ayurvedic Self Care Skin Range

Honour your Body Ayurveda Skin Care Range is coming soon.

Goddess Massage Oils for Individual Doshas

Pitta Princess Sandalwood Silk

Vata Goddess Grounding Oil

Super Sexy Kalpha Queen Breast Balm

Ancient Ayurveda for the Modern Women

Moon blessed, earth-based products, formulated with the 5,000 year old wisdom of Ayurveda, that provide deep healing results that you will experience through all of your senses.