Healing Retreats for Women in France

Hiking, Yoga, Conscious Breathwork, and Meditation Healing Retreat

Those who start onto the green path often say that as they start to walk it they suddenly feel like they are home, that they are no longer alone. Nature reminds us and helps us to recognize and re-integrate our indigenous soul.

When we take the step to reconnect with Nature, we can soon feel her embrace. As we start to listen to the breath of the Earth and re-connect, with that innate energy exchange we step into a new and deeper level of healing, both for ourselves and the environment.

Of course, we have known about the power of nature to heal for centuries now, two German physicians in the 1800s actually found that fresh forest air helped to heal patients from tuberculosis. Nowadays, researchers have found that nature can actually cure many problems brought on by the stressful demands of modern living, by going back to our roots, our natural environment.

A Japanese study from 2010 found that participants that had exposure to forest environments showed more positive health markers than those surrounded by city conditions: “lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, greater parasympathetic nerve activity, and lower sympathetic nerve activity.”

Healing Hiking Meditation and Yoga Retreat with Yoga Shakti School France

Walking in nature not only gives us Vitamin D from the sun and helps to refresh us, but it can also change our brain chemistry.

Research from Stanford University found that spending time outdoors can actually lead to changes in brain chemicals, providing mental clarity and peace of mind, and reducing anxiety and stress.

Many aspects of yoga are about being in the moment and at one with nature and the universe. By breathing like the cycle of tides or the ocean, a sense of harmony, timelessness and connection to the universe is evoked. Yoga is commonly practiced indoors; but when practiced outdoors, it brings union with nature. Breath after breath you feel the inner peace you were missing so long.

Healing Hiking Meditation and Yoga Retreat with Yoga Shakti School France
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Meditation and  Conscious Breathwork enable us to really free the body of deeply embedded tension.

Though it has been called by different names in various cultures and traditions, the practice of Conscious Breathwork has been in existence for hundreds of years. And there’s a reason: this simple practice, rooted in ancient yogic tradition, just WORKS. It’s timeless. It’s universal. And we simply don’t know of another practice with more potential to reshape long-held unhealthy patterns, to tap into personal purpose—and ultimately, to facilitate permanent healing.

Conscious Breathwork offers us a graceful way to release emotional baggage—old pain, grief, anger, or other unexpressed feelings—which we have been carrying around. Our default behavior in these matters (suppressing, ignoring, or numbing with indulgence in alcohol, drugs, food, sex, shopping, TV, and other distractions) is a very ineffective way to deal with them. Like all forms of energy, these feelings cannot be destroyed; they merely change form. We store them in our bodily tissues, where they surface as physical pain and disease. Conscious Breathwork offers us an alternative and healthy form of release for all these repressed feelings, emotions, and trauma. Its effects are immediate—and permanent.

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This is why I have designed this Healing Conscious Breathework, Hiking, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat in the beautiful Volcanic Mountain Range of Auvergne, France.

We will immerse ourselves in the beautiful surrounding nature… taking wildflower walks to mediate on the mountaintops, and see how many different species of birds, butterflies, or animals we can spot, such as deer, roe -deer, wild boar, stoats, wild cat, genet or the shy black grouse which is the symbol of this stunning National Park.

We will take time to really connect with the energy of Nature, as we stop, pause and meditate after an invigorating hike. Enjoy the cleansing air of the mountains with our Conscious Breathing Techniques.  We will start our day with a gentle unfolding sunrise yoga session, connecting both with the earth beneath us and the sky above.

We will enjoy the breathtaking views from Le Sancy, the energizing power of the Grande Cascade, and also visit some of the ancient chateaux of the region.

There are 200 species of birds that nest in the Auvergne region due to the large diversity of natural habitats in the area. In particular, there are a large variety of birds of prey including royal and black kites, kestrels, peregrines and eagles, hawks and harriers, and ospreys. Together we will commit to taking time to stop and really notice the beauty that surrounds us.

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Healing Hiking Meditation and Yoga Retreat with Yoga Shakti School France
Foresting bathing and Yoga retreat France
Healing Hiking Meditation and Yoga Retreat with Yoga Shakti School France

Sleep, rest and restore.

I choose the accommodation that is as closely connected to Nature as possible, to really enable us to feel the closeness of its healing power.

Each place is chosen to be in the heart of Nature, so we can simply leave the front door and enjoy the beautiful mountainous walk of the Auvergne.

We have both comfortable and airy double and twin accommodation.

The accommodation is designed to help you relax in comfort and fully enjoy a good nourishing night's sleep after a day of walking, yoga, meditation, pranayama, and lots of laughter.

The bathroom facilities are designed to enable you to relax either in a long bubble bath soak or an invigorating shower.

Our Healing Schedule

  • Each day we will follow the sunrise and sunset. Mirroring nature's natural cycle. Morning yoga and evening meditation always bring the body back into its normal healing rhythm.
  • Five afternoon walks exploring the beautiful mountains of the Auvergne. Including visiting the peak of the Sancy, and the energizing power of the Grande Cascade.
  • 5-morning yoga sessions to free tension and enable the body to find its natural range of movement.
  • 5 evening meditations, Yoga Nidra or fireside relaxation journalling or chatting
  • Learn the power of Conscious Breathwork technique sessions to enhance our pranic life force to bath the body in the healing benefits of this practice.
  • 7 evening meals, 7 breakfasts, and 5 picnic lunches.
  • One free day, to spend as you wish.
  • Downtime will be scheduled each day, to relax and enjoy some time to reflect

Dates: 4th - 11th June 2022

Arrival: Arrive on the afternoon of the first day after 4pm. Evening meal will be at 7pm

Departure: Depart on the last day after breakfast.

Massage: Massages are available, but need to be booked in advance and are not included in the price. Please message for more information.

Price: New 2023 dates will be send out in our email newsletter as soon as they are released.

double room

twin room

What’s included:

The price above includes your accommodation, activities, and food.

What’s not included:

Travel costs and insurances.

Lunch on your day off.

Activities on your day off.