What does it mean to ‘Honour Your Life Force? What is our Life Force?

“We are the living links in a life force that moves and plays around and through us, binding the deepest soils with the farthest stars.” — ALAN CHADWICK

The human being is not just a physical structure made of molecules. We are also composed of, permeated with, and surrounded by subtle energy fields. Described as the basic element and source of all life, this universal energy is known by many names: prana, chi, qi, ki, “the Holy Spirit.”

Life force is “cosmic energy.” It is the animating principle of all life. We can observe its workings in nature, as heat, magnetism, or electricity. This energy travels downward from the sun, moon, planets, and stars and upward from the earth, ocean, plants, and trees.

We are each born with our own personal chi, which begins when we take our first breath at birth. From that moment until death, we constantly take in this life force energy, although most of the time we are unaware of it. But at the same time, our actions can deplete this Life Force, leaving us feeling weak, unmotivated, and lacking desire for growth.

You can find the essence of life force energy in everything. From the birds and the bees to plants, flowers, and trees, there is life force energy present in all things. There are energy frequencies in our thoughts, actions, and emotions, and people, places, and certain things can often trigger the onset of harmful, stagnant energy.  Or the exact opposite. Certain people, places, and things can activate happiness, gratitude, and fulfillment.

When two people have a genuine connection and are exuding positive, constructive or optimistic vibrations, their spirits get charged by one another. Encounters like these will energize you, and you’ll move happier and more purposeful throughout your day. This is why we have to choose our company wisely.



Most of us deal too lightly with our energy. We are unaware of the depth of its power, and we don’t gird ourselves, or protect ourselves before we venture out into the universe for the day. We spend too much time with people that have a negative vibration, that will create feelings of frustration, aggression, sadness, guilt ….within us. And as I mentioned earlier there are energies in thoughts and emotions that will affect our life force energy.

This life force energy fluctuates, based on our environment and our experiences, as well as our mental, emotional, and psychological state. A high level of life force is synonymous with outstanding physical health, mental tranquillity, and spiritual clarity. Equally a low-level Life Force is synonymous with stressed states, poor sleeping patterns, poor diet, disconnection to Nature, and lack of exercise

Our thought and emotional patterns are two of our biggest energy facilitators. Our fears, anxieties, and emotions could actually be translated as energy in motion. This is because emotions are supposed to move through the body and exit. We are not supposed to keep these frequencies bottled up because when we resist emotions like humiliation, melancholy, resentment, or angst we trap that bad energy inside.

This creates stagnation and causes our creativity and health to become stifled. Ever notice how apathetic we become after spending time around negative people. Or how we feel after watching the news or an aggressive film? some draining encounter? We no longer have any excitement or the desire for new challenges and adventures.  This is why it is very important for us to live in a state of well-balanced energy, so we can remain focused and vibrations of creativity and healing can flow freely. Spending time with people who lift us, make us laugh, and allow us to be truly ourselves.

People who have developed a strong radiant energy field through awakening to their Life Force Energy cannot be easily thrown off course. Their energy field protects them from the negative influences that come from the environment–stress, conflict, negative thoughts and emotions, toxins–acting much like a force field to block an attack.

We can re-ignite and replenish this Life Force by awakening our consciousness and living a truly authentic life. Letting ourselves be who we truly are. At the core, Tantra offers us this path.

Tantra is about learning to interface with the Powers of The Universe as a function of Pure Consciousness in order to Understand the Nature of Reality and Self. And in this process, we cultivate the Qualities of the True Self, which are Ecstatic Love, Joy, and Peace. To make it even simpler, Tantra is a path to re-discover who and what you really are.

Through Tantric practices, you harmonize and balance your life as a necessary part of the path. This can mean more loving relationships, greater self-acceptance, and freedom from shame and guilt. It can mean increased clarity around your soul’s purpose and greater passion operating in the world. It can mean a greater connection to your own Intuition, inner Wisdom, and can lead you to fully connect with your sexual energy.

According to Taoism and Tantra, sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies we have. It’s the force that creates all life around us. When we think about what actually the sexual energy is, it’s life force energy. It’s the strongest life force energy we have.

Using our conscious awareness, we can learn to harness Life Force Energy to create happiness, strength, and bliss states with effortless ease.  As everything in our Universe is made of energy, and the universal laws of physics tell us that like energy attracts like energy. We must become an energetic vibrational match to what it is that we wish to attract into our experiences. Here are some effective techniques to practice in order to tap into the positive goodness of Life Force Energy:

1. Each level of energy vibration holds your own particular resonance. Some of us create with conscious awareness of this process. But others continue to live life unconsciously. To live a conscious life is to become aware of our own thoughts, actions, and words. We need to be consciously aware of not just our actions, but the actions and the effects of those around us….choose your company wisely.

2.  It is easy to raise our Life Force Energy when we view ourselves as consciousness rather than as separate bodies and minds. If we want to experience joy and happiness, then we will need to let go of any beliefs that limit and distort it. Every experience is empty of reality until you give it meaning. To reflect on whether the meaning is true or based on past false perceptions.

3.  When we are lost in our emotions, we are unable to experience higher levels of energy. We may refuse to feel any happiness if certain conditions are not fulfilled during life experiences. But we set those conditions ourselves. Many emotions can distance us from our own happiness — and we will never find the answer to our experiences solely with logic.

4.  The moment you have a thought, you have created an action, the same way that the moment you speak you have created an action. Just as a deed is an action, thoughts and words are creative actions as well. They are all energies at the level of creation.  When someone asks how we are feeling, we often answer vaguely: “bad,” or “unhappy,” “upset,” “disturbed,” negative.” It’s important to be more specific when describing our emotional state. We also want to feel into our energy level. Each time you take a moment to feel into your energy and name the emotions accurately that either heighten or lower your energy level, you reach another milestone. Try to feel things fully on emotional, physical, and energetic levels.

5. Food is pure energy. Different foods vibrate at different frequencies. Foods that are in their natural state are the foods with the greatest life force. Over-cooking will deplete the life force in food. Eating weak or low life force foods will drag your energy levels down. Processed foods and refined sugars are two that radically deplete our energy field. And pay attention to the way you eat. Chewing food thoroughly increases the amount of life force you take in. Notice your food, the smells, the tastes the process of creating the food will also raise its frequency.

6. Your personal energy can be affected by the energies of your surroundings, and this includes your home. By creating a home flooded with positive energies you can help to raise your own vibration. Your powers of thought, concentration, and visualization can be powerful tools to maximize the absorption of life force energy. With intention, they can be used to positively strengthen your energy field. Creating a home environment that mirrors your positive life force will help to lift and energize.

7. Love is Lots of Vital Energy. The most healing act one can ever do for another person is to send and offer them, love. That is true of loving others, as well as loving yourself. Love in the highest levels, comes in many forms, including compassion, patience, empathy, and kindness. Love stimulates the energy field around a person, giving them additional strength, which will be mirrored back to you, in a loving union.

Much of your vitality comes down to choice. With awareness, each day you can choose actions that enhance, rather than deplete, your life force energy. You can help yourself have the life you yearn for.

The quality of our relationships, productivity, creativity, and health all depend upon our being able to create a high level of harmoniously flowing energy. Our inner harmony is deeply affected by our relationships with those around us, and the opposite is even truer: our relationships with others will simply mirror our relationships with ourselves. By practicing these seven steps, you can become more conscious of – and more connected to — the transforming power of the Life Force Energy within all of us.