Living Your Yogic Life

Step firmly on the path of Yoga with our Yoga Diploma designed to create firm foundations for your Yoga Practice and Yogic Life.

  • Have you ever asked yourself ‘why am I here, or ‘what is my purpose’?
  • Do you feel frustrated and feel a deep sense of unfulfillment, feeling that something is missing or undiscovered in your present life?
  • Have you wanted to take your yoga practice deeper than merely asana practice?
  • Have you ever wondered what your life would feel like if you lived with more vibrant energy, clear sense of purpose, and internal harmony?
Damaging influence of social media on yoga

When we look outside ourselves for answers, we forget that in fact the answers we are searching for are already within us. We have just forgotten how to listen to our deep intuitive voice that naturally guides us on our purpose and journey. This voice is within each and everyone of us, but we have lost that connection.

I know that feeling well, because I was in that state for many years, as I frequently found myself searching with what was unfolding around me, and feeling empty and frustrated with life. I always knew that there was something else, some other way of living, but it always felt just out of reach. So, I tried many therapies, enrolled on course after course, but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t seem to fully integrate everything that I was learning, I still felt that I was looking at life from an outside perspective. Intellectually I could understand the theory, but I was just blocked from really embodying the sense of fulfillment, or healing that these therapies or classes where offering.  Then I found Yoga. Not the hot sweaty competitive yoga that we see splashed all over yoga magazines or Instagram, but a deep life changing practice that brought me back to the innate tools of growth and self-development. That showed me how to feel the joy of my body again, to enjoy the calmness of my mind and positive conscious thinking, and to once again, listen to the intuitive voice of Spirit and my higher Self.

It is a beautiful dance of Unity…. that is the true practice of Yoga.

It was not an easy journey from the place of feeling unheard and empty to living my Yogic Life. A life that offers me a sense of calm and grounding, a feeling of purpose and direction. It was not easy because although I could see a better way of living, I lacked the tools to fully embrace it. I still carried a huge weight of trauma and attachment issues from a dysfunctional childhood and teenage years. This baggage weighed me down, and just made each step that much harder. But the light of Yoga burnt within me and slowly I managed to shed the weight of my baggage, to free myself to fully embrace the practice.

I became so enamoured with this life changing practice that at some point I realised that this was my purpose, my journey, to teach other women to let go of their trauma and find a deep wholeness within them, and to be able to fully live from a place of unity, harmony, and deep connection to their beautiful innate authenticity.


After many years of training and studying in Psychology, Tantra, Somatic Yoga, Reiki, and Shamanic Healing, now I have created this program that combines all those years’ experience and wisdom into one training. This program was designed to save you from spending 10’s of thousands of pounds/euros/dollars and hours seeking those same answers.

SO many practice yoga without fully integrating all aspects of its wisdom. My life truly transformed when I was able to embody yoga as a philosophy, practice, and lifestyle

Yoga guides us into a sense of unity and wholeness…re-connecting to that voice is the true practice of Yoga. It is not about asana, flexibility, and muscular strength. But about harmony and unity of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

  • Gaining strength and calmness of the Mind and our thoughts.

  • Feeling the vitality of the breath as it wakes up the Body.

  • Lighting the spark of Spirit within us, that brings us vitality, courage, and a sense of purpose.

Yoga when practiced with loving intention, and unity is the most healing, and uplifting way to expereince life

I have been teaching Yoga courses and trainings for many years, and it still surprises me how many students come to me with a belief that they might not be good enough, or not flexible enough. They have this false belief that yoga is just asana. It gives me great joy to allow them to discover the true practice of Yoga.

This training is for you if…

  • You are ready to step forward onto your yoga path by creating strong foundations.
  • You have wanted to try Yoga BUT you feel that you may not be…
  • fit enough
  • strong enough
  • flexible enough
  • capable enough
  • You are feeling stuck in your life and that you are not living your purpose or full potential, and that there must be more

  • You have considered being a yoga teacher in the future or feel that your present yoga practice lacks a deeper understanding and connection.
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How this program works:

‘Living Your Yogic Life’ certified Yoga Diploma is a comprehensive 6-month program that teaches you the deep true practice of Yoga, and how we can fully embody the practice in all aspects of our life. It takes you through the journey to find an innate unity and harmony that brings vitality, healing, and a deep sense of purpose and connection to your life. This is the practice of Yoga.

This training is certified and accredited by the World Yoga Alliance.

Together we will look at how to find that unity between the Mind, Body, and Spirit, through monthly live zoom sessions, online videos, home practice, and supportive written material.

Start Date: This is a personalised Yoga Diploma that can be started at any time throughout the year.

First, we will organise a Free Informal Discovery Call where we will then create a pace and plan that fits around your life and lifestyle. Then we set the date to start!

Module One:

Awaken the Body

Our first 2 months together are designed to reawaken the body and re-ignite its innate ability to heal, strengthen and return to its full range of movement. Through breath, asana, and self-care rituals we will re-connect with the natural range of movement bringing the body back into alignment and strength.

We will learn about the power of the connected breath and pranayama to help us calm the nervous system and bring us into a state of rest and release. Letting go of deeply held tension and allowing the body to be energised.

Learning somatic healing asanas that balance the bodies systems and creating more strength, freedom, and flexibility.

We will start to look at how trauma can stay trapped in our cells and how through breath and somatic movement we can release this toxicity.

We will also look at how the food that we eat and what we drink can help us release inflammation in the body and bring us into our natural state of healing.

Module 2:

Ignite the Mind

In months 3 and 4 we will look at the power of the Mind, and how we can use the mind to enhance our life, as opposed to being in a state of self-sabotaging thoughts and behavioural patterns. We will learn how to calm the fluctuations of the mind; however active and busy it is.

We will learn how to let go of destructive thought patterns and live from a state of calm and positive mindset. We will also learn tools that help us access our deep consciousness helping us not to act and react from a place of the sub-conscious, that support fixed negative behavioural patterns.

We will look at the concept of attachment theory, and how we can release trauma and wounds from the past.

We will understand the concept of the Mother Wound and how this can have an impact on allowing ourselves to be heard, finding our own authentic voice.

This module is designed to show us the real power of living life through a sense of positivity as opposed to a heavy negative energy. It is here that we really begin to fully understand that we are not simply our thoughts.

Module 3:

Fire Up Your Spiritual Spark

In months 5 and 6 we discover the real magic of Yoga. Here we are going to really fire up that light within.

This is where we will learn to listen to the intuitive voice of our Higher Self. That deep innate wisdom that is within each and everyone of us.

We will learn about our energy centres and the role they play in our energy body. We will learn tools to re-align and clear any trapped trauma in the body.

We will learn to honour own authentic voice, that of creative and sexual expression, and understand how this is an integral part of our divinity.

We will look at what it means to really live and act from a place of alignment and conscious awareness. To connect with our Divine essence, our feminine strength, and the sacred strength of our bodies.

Yoga is a practice passed down through centuries, lifting and supporting us to live from a place of compassion and purpose. So, if you feel that you have tried everything and still feel that sense of searching and unfulfillment, then let me guide you back to the Self, where the answers have always been. Let us wake up our intuitive innate authentic voices, step by step, day by day, week by week. We will build the foundations together to help you truly practice ‘Yoga’.

About your guide…

My journey into yoga started over 20 years ago when I discovered the healing power of yoga after a serious accident. This journey has taken me all over the world, where I have undergone intensive training from amazing and talented teachers, including Vanessa Rudge and Michael Daly from Being Yoga Australia, Sharon Gannon and David Life from Jivamukti Yoga, Ayurveda specialist Dr David Frawley, and Yin Yoga with Becky Khalil, and Gretchen Faust, which has resulted in me attaining the status of Yoga Elder with the International Independent Yoga Network, which is their highest level of Yoga Instructor in both Yang and Yin styles of yoga and represents my level of training and experience in teaching.

But my journey into energy medicine and healing happened many years before. As a Reiki Master and Earth Empath, I work not just on a physical level, but also on an emotional, spiritual, and energetic level too. Through my Shamanic training with Kimba Bridgeman at the Shaman College, Reiki training under the Usui Shiki Ryoho, and Tantra Training with Alexis Alcala, I connect on a deeper level with the healing Universal Energy.


I have studied for 21 years Buddhist thought and practice under the Mahayana system of Tibetan Buddhism and had the honour to be initiated by the His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, in 2016.

My trainings have given me the wonderful foundations to live my practice and find that deep Unity and Harmony. And I would like to give you the opportunity in this training to the direct path of Yoga. So, you too can feel this transformational process. To no longer feel like you are living life on the outside. But feel that you were fully connected to your purpose and vitality.

I feel passionate about the practice of Yoga and inspired to help people live from this deeper sense of connection…it truly is life changing.

Yoga has truly changed my life and led me to write my published book ‘Breaking the Attention of Pain’. This is an account of my healing journey from Professional Firefighter to Yoga Teacher and the power that the deep practice of Yoga has on our innate ability to heal and live a more connected inspired life.

What’s Included:

  • 6-month comprehensive interactive program,
  • 6 individual personalised Zoom sessions
  • Accrediated Certified Yoga Diploma with the World Yoga Alliance
  • Weekly yoga practice video learning somatic healing asanas
  • Weekly meditation or pranayama videos
  • Supporting written material for each module.
  • Weekly tasks to support your growth
  • Recommended reading
  • Email journaling prompts
  • Interactive and supportive Facebook Group
  • Email support
  • 10% off all retreats or Yoga Teacher Training packages for up to one year.

Monthly Instalments


One Payment