Sensual Second Spring Retreats France and Spain

Embracing the second stage of a women's life with wisdom, knowledge and self-care.

Woman is stronger in sex and constitution than man, as water is stronger than fire” Su Nu ~ Sexual Advisor to the Yellow Emperor, Huang Ti circa 2600 BCE

When it came to Taoist practices, women were viewed as having a more natural ability to connect with it and draw in the forces of nature, Heaven and Earth. It was said that a woman could reach enlightenment far quicker than a man.

The poet and mystic Sun Bu’er (12th century) took to Inner Alchemy Taoist practices at the ripe age of 51, after she had raised her three children and contributed to her community. She embraced these teachings as she transitioned through peri-menopause and menopause, which is viewed very positively in the Tao and was known as ‘the Second Spring’ - a time of real liberation for women.

In these modern times, women who follow the Taoist practice frequently report symptom free menopause, primarily because the practices focus on the production of sex hormones, recycling internal energy and emotional balance. For women who are in their reproductive years, they can experience pain-free periods, devoid of PMS after just a few weeks of practice. This is in stark contrast to our Western culture which sees pain during menstruation, PMS and hot flushes as normal and women are expected to soldier on.

Even though it is a natural stage in life, for many women the changing of hormones from a certain age is simply hell.....the unpleasant symptoms are often hard to live with!

Sensual Second Spring
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The principle goal of our Sensual Second Spring Retreats is to put you back in control of your life and help you feel amazing, sensual and vibrant, and positive about your next stage in life.

Second Spring retreats offer you a new kind of peri-menopause and menopause journey, bringing the radical notion that with small changes and a clear-eyed look at what’s no longer serving you, you can reclaim your vitality and joy in life. We follow teachings and research that offers a new vision for menopause, mapping the psychological phases and showing how this period in your life can be a time of personal growth.

We look at managing physical challenges with lifestyle changes and understanding what might be causing them. Through practical steps in harmony with your natural therapies or HRT, we explore the soulful enquiries real-life solutions for managing symptoms with kindness, helping you to become the person you always longed to be, as you fully embrace your Second Spring.

  • Are you currently experiencing peri-menopause or menopause and are seeking a nourishing way to master this transitional period in your life?
  • Are feeling a loss of your individual power and identity as a sensual woman?
  • Are you experiencing a sense of despair, weighed down with the physical and psychological symptoms of peri-menopause? 
  • Do you feel that the best years are behind you?

Our 'Sensual Second Spring Retreats' address all these common fears and concerns and replace them with a new drive, energy and zest for the next stage of life.

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Meditation, Conscious Breathwork, and Yoga enable us to really free the body of deeply embedded tension that is blocking us from fully embracing this next step and stage in our life.

the practice of Conscious Breathwork, Meditation and Tailored Yoga Practice has been in existence for hundreds of years. And there’s a reason: this simple practice, rooted in ancient yogic tradition, just WORKS. It’s timeless. It’s universal. And we simply don’t know of another practice with more potential to reshape long-held unhealthy patterns, to tap into personal purpose—and ultimately, to facilitate permanent healing.

Our 'Sensual Second Spring Retreats' are aimed at helping you navigate peri-menopause and menopause, normal stages of life that are still shrouded in outdated taboo and lack of information. In the company of supportive women, we create a supportive environment where we create solid action plans to help you embrace this Second Spring, empowering you to manage this significant transition openly and positively. We will explore and support your menopause journey from individual symptoms to the wider needs of your relationships, lifestyle, workplace and community.

These retreats are aimed at changing a mindset around the next stage in your life and truly honour and celebrate your Second Spring, and embrace your innate wisdom as a powerful sensual woman. We will fully embrace our ability to re-ignite our innate sexual energy and honour this as our right to deeper sexual fulfilment. 

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We offer these retreats both in Spain and in rural France, at various times throughout the year. However, in 2022 we are located in France. 2023 we will be offering both venues.

Southern Spain:

This villa is set on a peak of the Piedras Blancas hills, between olive groves, almond groves and vineyards. The town is also the starting point of the Ruta de la Pasa (Raisin Route).

8 km to Plaza de España, where we will find the Iglesia Parroquial de Nuestra Señora de Gracia, constructed between the 16th and 17th centuries, which offers us a mix of styles in its design, with Arabic arches and a modernist lattice grille in the choir.





Rural South-West France: 

This venue is based in the beautiful countryside of South-West France close to the vineyards of Bordeaux and Cognac.

This venue is a stunning stone Charentais house that is over 200 years old. Both double rooms and twin rooms are available for both venues.


Sacred feminine yoga retreats with Yoga Shakti School
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Sacred feminine yoga retreats with Yoga Shakti School

What we offer:


  • Comprehensive advice from our Menopause Expert
  • Tailor-made plans for you as an individual because we are individuals
  • Nourishing anti-inflammatory organic food that helps regulate symptoms
  • Specifically designed yoga classes
  • Deep healing self-massage instruction to re-connect with our sensual life force
  • Breathing techniques to calm stress levels and help repair adrenal fatigue.
  • Breathing and meditation techniques to wake and enhance sexual energy
  • Tantric dance techniques to fire your body's dormant energy
  • Cacao ceremony to honour our life force and sacred feminine energy
  • Mantra and breathwork to aid deep sleep
  • Plant-based eating plans and the power of herbs workshops
  • Detoxing and juicing workshops
  • Healing Yoga Nidra to enhance stress release and to also awaken our motivation for change
  • Sacred practices to re-ignite your sensual energy

Our Healing Schedule

What does a normal day look like?

7.30 am Optional Morning De-tox Juice.

8.30 am Nourishing Organic Breakfast

9.30 am-11.30 am Menopause Health Talk and practical techniques, such as breast massage workshop.

12.00 pm Organic Plant-Based Lunch

1.30 pm Individual life and lifestyle coaching sessions, and workshops.

3.30 pm Yoga and pranayama

6.30 pm Dinner Served

8.00 pm Evening Meditation and Women's Circle

Dates: to be confirmed

Arrival: Arrive on the afternoon of the first day after 4 pm. The evening meal will be at 7 pm

Departure: Depart on the last day after breakfast.

Airport: Malaga airport is 37 km from the Villa. A shared taxi can be organized for the local price.

Poitier Airport is 57 km from the venue. Airport collection can be organised. Train service from Paris to Rufffec is another easy option, and train station collection can be organised.



975 euros double room

798 euros twin room

What’s included:

The price above includes your accommodation, activities, and food.

What’s not included:

Travel costs and insurances.

Lunch on your day off.

Activities on your day off.