Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training France

Women's Healing Retreats - Time to reclaim your natural innate beauty, strength and ability to heal

Our Women's Healing Retreats are designed to help women learn the tools to take back control of their Minds, Body, and Spirit and journey back to health. We also concentrate on re-awakening our innate spiritual femininity, to help us create a natural balance of harmony between our masculine and feminine energy, that has got knocked out of balance due to today's continuous subtle and not-so-subtle stressors.

During the retreat, you will spend a lot of time in nature, in meditation, learning Wild Writing Journalling, self-healing, and unfolding deep-rooted tension in the body with the practice of gentle healing somatic yoga.

We will re-connect with the healing power of Nature and eat delicious plant-based food, we will also experience enrichment-educational workshops and you will be able to be completely open in this space of sisterhood. You will be invited to lean on these holistic wellness tools to support your healing and internal process.


Healing gentle yoga

Nourishing plant based food

Forest bathing walks in Nature

Healing, relaxing breathwork

Daily calming meditation

Holistic treatments to calm the nervous system

Tools to help sleep

Workshops to help create a healing home practice

Wild Writing Journalling

Self Healing Workshops

Time for silent self-reflection

Yoga Teacher Training France
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training France
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training France
World Alliance Yoga Teacher Training France


Due to the current pandemic, all retreats for 2021 have been affected, however, I am monitoring the situation and hopefully will run a small Sacred Women's Healing Retreat in October.  Please sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch.

Feel Your Breathe - Calm your nervous system - Re-connect with your body