Core Muscles in Yoga

Good core strength is important at every age and fitness level, to reduce fatigue, avoid muscle strain and improve your strength and mobility.

While our limbs provide mobility, reach and strength it is our body core that provides the basis of each movement. Even if you workout or participate in sports you may not be working the body core muscles you rely on to perform.


Working with your core muscles

Your body core is the midsection of your body, from your groin to your shoulders. The core includes the pelvis, abs, back and muscles in the buttocks. It is this core that offers stability, balance and flexibility. Every movement you make originates in the core – whether you are reaching for your toothbrush or running a marathon or holding Warrior Three. If the core is not properly conditioned it will limit your physical abilities in any movement or sport.


Working the muscles in your body core will improve the effectiveness of movements in your limbs.  Also working body core helps to increase the ability to be firmly grounded, anchored in a position with the ability to move in and out of that position in a controlled safe way.

Most exercise routines focus on building muscle. By creating a stable, strong base for those muscles you can optimize the strength and flexibility of each limb.


Tandy Louise Studio

There are many exercise routines and products that work the muscles of the body core. Professional trainers create customized routines to enhance an athlete’s abilities by developing the proper core muscles. However, when practices yoga, if you become aware of the core muscles and engage them with each movement you incorporate the uses whilst strengthening them.

Each posture will help develop and strengthen your body core, whilst working on proper alignment and help identify weaknesses and imbalances that can be corrected.


Why Strengthen My Core Body

Good core strength is important at every age and fitness level. Whatever your goals, find a way to incorporate body core conditioning into your routine to reduce fatigue, avoid muscle strain and improve your strength and mobility.

But if you appreciate what your body does for you, you will provide it with the attention and awareness that supports your core.  It is also important to understand where our core power comes from and how it provides stability and flexibility to the rest of our bodies.

Sedentary lives can cause our body core muscles to weaken and become subject to strain or injury.  In the 21st century many of us sit for long hours at work, in front of a computer. Without a strong core we can develop many disorders associated with the core, both chronic and acute.

Yoga with awareness allows us to work from our energy centre, and connect each movement with core awareness, whether it is the Yogic Breathe or transitioning from one move to another. Being an active observer in your practice and re-connect with the body.

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