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Yoga and Hiking in Spain with La Pause Yoga

Sacred Women's Healing Retreats and One to One Spiritual Coaching

There are also some really nourishing Sacred Women's Healing Retreats planned for 2022...I know I need one! Time to re-assess our health needs and connect once again with our Mind Body and really listen to our inner voice of self-healing and self-care. Learn More

All online and retreat Shakti Yoga Teacher Training's are still be running, with more exciting material being added all the time to help you grow as an intuitive professional yoga teacher. Learn More

If you want to re-ignite your creative voice and breakthrough our self-sabotaging creative blocks then the new Break Free and Create Online course is open for registration: Learn More

I also feel positive that we will be able to re-start our Healing Yoga Classes soon. I will be focusing on creating time and space to allow our bodies to gentle unfold after a year of challenging times. We will take time to slowly allow the body to find its rhythm again and let go of the restrictions we may be feeling.

Hiking in Catalonia with La Pause Yoga

Sacred Women's Healing Retreats and One to One Spiritual Coaching

Take time to get re-connected to the healing power of Nature

Learn to re-ignite your own natural ability to heal

Slow down and breathe.....slowly and fully and learn pranic enganace Pranayama techniques

Build your immune system with an organic plant based diet

Roll out your yoga mat and make creating a daily home practice a priority

Take time for your self development.....meditate, meditate, meditate.

Learn ways to calm self sabotaging behavioural patterns

Learn Sacred Healing practices that awaken our Spiritual femininity

Come together with like minded uplifting souls to share and support

Find your intuitive authentic voice with wild writing journalling

Spiritual One to One Coaching

We are in a period of change and growth....take time to feel this change and decide how you want to show up in the world.  Learn More

La Pause Yoga Teacher Training France
Hiking in the Pyrenees with La Pause Yoga

Are you a Soul Inspired Women ready to live your highest potential?

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to live and work from a compassionate heart-led place? Living as a spiritual being means finding unity and purpose. Living a yogic life where your thoughts and words are in harmony with your actions. Not living in a constant reactive place, subject to the fluctuations of external activities. But also truly honouring our need to show up and have our voice heard. No more hiding behind perceived social and cultural restraints of who and what others want you to be. It is time to re-ignite your Spiritual Femininity. Learn More

Do you want to teach from the heart?

Do you want to find your life purpose?

Is it your time to make a true difference to this changing Earth?

Do you want to find your authentic voice

Learn the sacred techniques of re-igniting your spiritual femininity

Create a life that is full of joy, calm and uplifting creativity

New Sacred Women's Healing Retreats  

This has been a challenging year and we need to take time to process and reassess our health and health goals. Our Sacred Women's Healing Retreats are going to do just that.

Learn More

Yoga and Creativity

Yoga and creativity go hand in hand. When we start to re-connect the mind-body and spirit, we re-ignite our innate creative voice. If you are looking to re-connect with that innate voice then you may be interested in our Break Free and Create Online Course. Helping you break through your creative blocks and find the power of the authentic voice.

Learn more: