YTT Retreat: Bringing the theory into practice

Our 10-night retreat section of our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is where we bring all the theory work that we have covered through our online virtual learning, into practice.

But this part of the training is not just about learning to sequence, adjust and create theme-based classes, we will also spend the time learning about meditation, pranayama, and how to create a healing nourishing experience for your students. The YTT Retreat will be filled with guidance to help us bring ourselves into alignment and homeostasis, to then be able to offer this awareness to our students. Whilst also enjoying delicious plant-based organic food and drink, to deepen our sense of Earth connection. 


An average day will include:


One to one guidance and encouragement

Nourishing plant based food

Surrounded by beautiful French countryside Nature

Uplifting spiritual discussions

Understanding energy and prana

Sequencing workshops

Alignment and adjustment workshops

Learning flowing vinyasa sequences

Creating free flow journaling practice

Time out to reflect and prepare your sequence practice

Time to expand our gratitude for the practice of yoga

Yoga Teacher Training France
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training France
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training France
World Alliance Yoga Teacher Training France


The 10-night YYT Retreat will be after all the virtual online modules have been successfully completed. However, we can plan and reserve your place for the dates that suit you.

Feel Your Breathe - Calm your nervous system - Re-connect with your body